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June 26, 2016

The Magic of Photoshop

The magic of Photoshop

We live in a world where the power of computers is the ultimate power. Thus, the one who has a computer and knows how to use it can do what ever pops into his mind. For example, the power of Photoshop grows every day larger and larger. With all that possibilities available with the computer, [...]

Modern Playing Cards

Modern playing cards

Fashion illustrator and designer of Asian origin Connie Lim lives and have not worked in Los Angeles. Connie has created a series of fashion illustrations, called “Playing Cards”. Look at what may be fashionable characters playing cards.

A new view on the national flags


Every country in the world has its own national flag. Flags serve to represent a country to the rest of the world. Each flag has the emblem of the country it represents embroidered on it. Whenever some sport event takes place the national anthem is sang and the national flag is flown. There is even [...]

Electronic tattoo – I was every day in pictures

Electronic tattoo

From Korean by the name of promdizaynera Zijian Li received a conceptual proposal: use non conventional and electronic tattoos E-Tattoo. The idea consists in implanting a special matrix of the skin. If a candidate wants to decorate the pictures arm, leg, chest and buttocks, the matrix is implanted there. And then very easy: you have [...]