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June 25, 2016

Daily selection of wallpaper on your desktop (15 photos)

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Types of rice and their use in cooking (infographics)

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“On the Beach” by Gray Malin (11 photos)

Photographer Malin Gray (Gray Malin) removes the famous beaches around the world. Malin specializes in beautiful views from the top – from the white sands of Miami to the secret coves in Saint-Tropez. Enjoy it! Continued post> ,>

Colorful cartoon about a girl and her monsters

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Terribly beautiful eye makeup (25 photos)

German artist Sven Schmitt (Svenja Schmitt) is known online as PixieCold. She created a series of works with an unusual artistic eye make-up. Does anyone want to repeat it in their eyes, is questionable. Look! Continued post >>

Interesting work of Jean Fileka (20 photos)

Graphic designer Jean Filek (Jan Filek) lives and works in Düsseldorf. He has created an interesting series of animalistic graphic symbols representing the 20 animals in a minimalist design. Get inspired! Continued post >>

Photographer Klaus TJ animals (16 photos)

Klaus TJ (Klaus Tiedge) operates a commercial photographer. He has traveled extensively throughout the world. One day in 2001 he came to South Africa to photograph animals in the wild. In 2008 he switched to the fact that the only photograph wildlife in Africa. Happy viewing Continued post >>

September 2012 catalog of Victoria’s Secret (40 photos)

Famous brand underwear show “Angels” Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr) and Candice Sveynpoul (Candice Swanepoel). Enjoy Continued post >>

Advertising Photography by Steven Meisel (28 photos)

Pictures advertising photographer Steven Meisel (Steven Meisel) differ remarkable quality photos, excellent selection of models and execution. Stephen was born in 1954 in New York. After high school, Steven Meisel went to Parsons School of Design, where he received a career illustrator. He later returned there as a teacher. Happy viewing Continued post >>

The nature of the autumnal equinox (infographics)

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