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June 24, 2016

Ideas for interior design (7 photos)

This tiny apartment in the Taiwan area of ??46 square meters rescued high ceilings and effective creative design professionals from Taiwan architectural studio Taihe Design. And in a small apartment can be a beautiful and functional living Continued post >>

Realistic portraits in pencil (20 works)

Polish illustrator Lyukasevich Krzysztof (Krzysztof Lukasiewicz), known online as krzysztof20d, paints incredibly realistic portraits in pencil. The collection is, as Krzysztof portraits of celebrities and ordinary people. Enjoy Continued post >>

Who was Jack the Lantern? (20 photos)

Many carved pumpkin Jack-lantern for Halloween. But few people know the history of its occurrence. Have to know her in the continuation of the post And with the holiday, who celebrate! Scary, sweet, and fun nights you Continued post >>

Egg with a surprise (11 pictures)

Creative gift for loved ones, friends and coworkers. It is very easy to make, and at the same time is unusual. Learn Continued post >>

Tenderness in photos (18 photos)

Andreea – young and talented photographer from Romania, known on DeviantArt, as candymax. Her pictures are very warm, simple and beautiful. Enjoy Continued post >>

Creative houses for cats (32 photos)

Your pet needs some secluded spot where he or she will be able to hide from everyone and easy to indulge your cat thought. Therefore I propose to look at a selection of creative houses for cats that you can both buy and make svomi hands. Get inspired! Continued post >>

Portraits Sebastien Vincent (12 photos)

Photographer Sebastien Vincent (Sebastien Vincent) lives and works in Paris. Suggest taking a look at his work Continued post >>

Photographer Elton Varela (18 photos)

Photographer Elton Varela (Elton Varela) lives in Lisbon. Works mainly in the field of fashion. Happy viewing Continued post >>

Photoshoot with Behati Prinsloo (11 photos)

Behati Prinsloo (Behati Prinsloo) supermodel of Namibia. She has six years of working with women’s fashion brand, three years of which are in the status of an angel. This year, the supermodel has also signed a contract with the famous Australian brand “Seafolly” was the main face of the summer campaign. Enjoy Continued post >>

Snakes (38 photos)

Approaching 2013. And the symbol of this year – the Snake. Propose to look at a selection of photos of these reptiles Continued post >>