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August 23, 2013

Crazy and Strange Wedding Dresses

All girls want to have their dream wedding! Most of them dream of perfect white dresses, long and elegant, with lace, pearls or some other bridal decorations! It’s only the matter of choice whether or not they’re going to put on a veil, what flowers they will choose for their bridal bouquet, and what shoes and accessories they’ll wear on their big day! Their bridal dress can be mermaid gown, princess gown or any other shape and style! But some of the brides desperately want to be unique and different from others, so they choose to wear extremely strange and funny wedding dresses. This is our list of top 10 strange wedding dresses!

10. Peacock Wedding Dress

Peacock Wedding Dress


9. Flames Wedding Dress

Flames Wedding Dress


8. Simply Crazy Wedding Dress

Simply Crazy Wedding Dress


7. Glowing Wedding Dress

Glowing Wedding Dress


6. ‘Without Top’ Wedding Dress

‘Without Top’ Wedding Dress


5. Profiterole Wedding Dress

Profiterole Wedding Dress


4. Crazy Long Wedding Dress


3. Russian Doll Wedding Dress

Russian Doll Wedding Dress


2. Dishwashing Gloves Wedding Dress

Dishwashing Gloves Wedding Dress


1.Balloons Wedding Dress

Balloons Wedding Dress


P.S. Dear brides and future brides,

We know that you want your wedding day to be special for you. But it doesn’t mean that everyone has to laugh while watching photos of you in your wedding dress on the most special day of your life! So choose wisely, and remember that you’re going to have those photos for the rest of your lives!


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  1. Anil says:

    Really Amazing wedding dress!

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