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July 2, 2016

Creative video about the music

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Funny cartoon about a boy-gamer

In a funny cartoon Glued main character is a little boy – a tireless gamer. It day and night playing computer games, and mother of the hero, seeing children playing in the street, trying to get him off the console, PC and handheld consoles and entertain real games … Continued post >>

The book is about the meat from Michael Simon (6 photos)

The famous chef and noble meat lover Michael Simon (Michael Symon) has released another book. This guide includes more than 100 recipes from all walks of meat. For each section of the book includes lessons on cooking from a certain kind of meat. Look! Continued post >>

Cartoon about love and reincarnation

Cartoon “The Ancestor”, filmed for a group Darlingside, team Crazy Lake Pictures. Happy viewing Continued post >>

Colorful cartoon about a girl and her monsters

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60 interesting facts about Singapore through the eyes of Russians (8 photos)

Please find fun and interesting facts about Singapore. Who was there? Share your observations Continued post >>

Beautiful video about Australia

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Relaxing video about Thailand

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A black comedy about the insane jealousy (video)

Requires a little knowledge of English. Take a look! Continued post >>

About London (video)

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