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July 1, 2016

Street artist Luis Martins Seven

Street artist Luis Martins Seven

  Street artist Luis Martins Seven lives in Brazil and draws in the middle of a concrete jungle striking images of tropical birds. Luis just 25 years old. For the artist, the most important thing – simplicity in the colors and freedom of geometry. Also, Luis draws on order for advertising agencies and organizations.   [...]

Advertising NZ Airlines (video)

Well done! Continued post >>

Advertising Photography by Maurice Hess (16 photos)

Hessen Maurice (Maurice Hessen) – advertising photographer who lives in Amsterdam. Winner of many prestigious awards. His portfolio includes work for Nike, Vodafone, Canon, McDonalds, Heineken, Volvo, Sony, Citroen … Happy viewing Continued post >>

Advertising Photography by Steven Meisel (28 photos)

Pictures advertising photographer Steven Meisel (Steven Meisel) differ remarkable quality photos, excellent selection of models and execution. Stephen was born in 1954 in New York. After high school, Steven Meisel went to Parsons School of Design, where he received a career illustrator. He later returned there as a teacher. Happy viewing Continued post >>

Advertising Photography Pete Barrett (27 photos)

Pete Barrett (Pete Barrett) advertising and commercial photographer based in Miami. Pete loves to travel and take pictures of people and their daily lives. His clients include: Ford Motor Company, United Airlines, Kodak, Heineken, Miller, Coors Light, Corona, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, New Balance, Pfizer, Shimano, Westin Hotels, Hilton Resorts and many others. Happy viewing [...]

30 creative advertising posters

Most people hate advertising, and this is not surprising, because it imposes ideas interfere in the life of every person. Advertising agencies are scratching their heads in search of fresh, original and attention-solutions that can stand out among the huge amount of incoming information. Have look at some examples Continued post> >

“You’re in good hands” or unusual advertising campaign (9 photos)

Photographer Ray Massey (Ray Massey) and artist Relli Annie (Annie Ralli) created advertising project for an insurance company “Ecclesiastical Insurance”. The slogan of the campaign served as the phrase “You’re in good hands”, which means “You are in good hands”. Unlike Ray Massey, who has repeatedly engaged in advertising photography for artist Annie Relli – [...]

Bar Refaeli in advertising photoset (13 photos)

Wonderful photos beauty Bar Refaeli (Bar Rafaeli), which were made in a campaign Passionata Lingerie Autumn / Winter 2012. Happy viewing Continued post >>

Advertising vs. reality: food (6 photos)

The main objective of advertising is to get people to buy a particular product. For this, in the course are all sorts of tricks. The most common – this disparity images and content. Grab a small selection with visual tricks from different manufacturers. In the picture on the left shows advertising product, to the right [...]

Advertising photographer Federico Chiesa

Advertising photographer Federico Chiesa

Italian advertising photographer Federico Chiesa lives and works in New York. Collaborates with companies such as: Mercedes, Universal, TBWA, Saatchi & Saatchi, DLV, JWT, Y & R, Boots, Bulgari, Giorgio Gucci, Vanity Fair, Grazia, GQ.