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June 26, 2016

Funny cartoon about a boy-gamer

In a funny cartoon Glued main character is a little boy – a tireless gamer. It day and night playing computer games, and mother of the hero, seeing children playing in the street, trying to get him off the console, PC and handheld consoles and entertain real games … Continued post >>

Cartoon cupcakes

Cartoon tells the story of the cake, which is not lucky enough to be lush. However, the story ends this happy ending. video created Australian animator Andrew Bowler (Andrew Bowler). Happy viewing Continued post >>

Archiver (Cartoon)

Exciting Cartoon School 3D digital effects and 3D-animation – ARTFX. The pilot returned from a mission. And we see what happened to him … Continued post >>

Cartoon about love and reincarnation

Cartoon “The Ancestor”, filmed for a group Darlingside, team Crazy Lake Pictures. Happy viewing Continued post >>

Simon’s cat in a new cartoon

Australian designer Simon Tofield (Simon Tofield) continues to draw his incredibly funny and amusing stories about the cat. Take a look fresh cartoon Continued post >>

Colorful cartoon about a girl and her monsters

Continued post >>

Moving cartoon (video)

Student animated film from the University of San Jose, directed by Kimberly Knoll (Kimberly Knoll, USA) and Yunghanom Chang (Yunghan Chang, Taiwan). Extension office >>