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July 1, 2016

Creative video about the music

Happy viewing Continued post >>

Creative spoon from Glover and Smith (6 photos)

Art duo Glover and Smith from the UK was established in 1994. Over the years, artists have managed to create a huge number of exclusive products from the tin and silver. The author is very inspiring nature and the environment. That’s why pewter and silver spoon decorated with small figures of dragonflies and butterflies, acorns [...]

Creative photos Geraldin Laman (8 photos)

Rather unusual series of images created by the German photographer Geraldin Laman (Geraldine Lamanna). To create a photoset she invited professional dancers who had to help her make a vivid and expressive pictures. And to give a static expression and motion pictures, the artist came up with dancers sprinkle white powder. Get live shots. Happy [...]

Creative photo of the cat (17 photos)

Live in China posted on his blog a creative series of photos of your cat as a character of Japanese anime series. Such an unusual way the blog owner decided to congratulate his birthday his beloved cat named Guagua Continued post >>

Creative leggings, bathing suits and dresses (21 photos)

Collection of art take a look leggings, swimwear, dresses and skirts from James Lillis (James Lillis). James – a popular designer clothes with elastic unusual prints and creator of the brand Black Milk. Continued post >>

Creative design of bread (9 photos)

Promotional work of Spanish designer Ana Dominguez and Omar Sosa (Ana Dominguez, Omar Sosa) and photographer Nacho Alegre (Nacho Alegre) for a fashion magazine on housekeeping Apartamento turned into a real piece of conceptual art. Creative Group was able to not only delicious convey texture bread, but turn them into great songs Staged architectural design, [...]

Creative cushion for home (7 photos)

Creative pillows wonderful variety of almost any interior! Decorative pillows create a relaxed atmosphere in which every person will feel great. Propose to look at some examples that you can do yourself Continued post >>

Creative lighting by Dan Effeta (4 photos)

This is a project created by designers Effetom Dan (Dan Yeffet). He came up with lamps, which are balls with a pattern like a fingerprint. Take a look! Continued post >>

Creative houses for cats (32 photos)

Your pet needs some secluded spot where he or she will be able to hide from everyone and easy to indulge your cat thought. Therefore I propose to look at a selection of creative houses for cats that you can both buy and make svomi hands. Get inspired! Continued post >>

Creative bed for owners and their pets (8 photos)

Korean designer Seung-moon (Seungji Mun) designed this original sofa Dog House Sofa Continued post >>