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June 30, 2016

Birds carved from natural feathers (11 photos)

Artist Chris Maynard (Chris Maynard) from Washington fan of feathers. He uses them as an art material. The artist cuts out the silhouettes of birds from them and a creative picture. Look! Continued post >>

Creative spoon from Glover and Smith (6 photos)

Art duo Glover and Smith from the UK was established in 1994. Over the years, artists have managed to create a huge number of exclusive products from the tin and silver. The author is very inspiring nature and the environment. That’s why pewter and silver spoon decorated with small figures of dragonflies and butterflies, acorns [...]

Portraits of wild animals from Brad Wilson (17 photos)

Photographer Brad Wilson (Brad Wilson) creates a remarkable and inspiring portraits of wildlife. Enjoy Continued post >>

Pictures of breakfast cereal from Ernie Button (11 photos)

Artist Ernie Button (Ernie Button) Arizona creates unusual views of breakfast cereals. All he needed to work, it’s a few packages of cereal, a camera, and a little bit of props to create the appropriate atmosphere. Everything else – this sleight of hand, imagination, and a bit of computer graphics. Happy viewing Continued post> ,>

Photo Tour the world from Ed McGowan (51 photos)

American Ed McGowan (Ed McGowan) loves to travel, and to pass on their best impressions of the places you visit, it uses different equipment and shooting techniques. Ed is not a professional photographer. In his works, every time he tries to show something new. Get inspired Continued post >>

Christmas ads from Cartier (video)

Despite the fact that 2013 – the year of the snake, jewelry brand Cartier is traditionally made tiger protagonist holiday advertising campaign called “Winter Tales”. Enjoy Continued post >>

Skull from the artist Frodo Mikkelsen (14 photos)

Danish artist Frodo Mikkelsen (Frodo Mikkelsen) creates unusual miniatures. He puts the houses and lawns on the top of the skull, thus reminding the viewer of the world’s fragility and transience of time. Do not waste it in vain! Live and enjoy every day Continued post >>

Photo report from the Norwegian prisons from Googie Fassino (14 photos)

Italian photographer Googie Fassino (Gughi Fassino) spent three days in a Norwegian prison Halden. It is considered the most humane and luxurious prison in the world. Prison Built in 2010. There are people who have committed serious crimes, but none of them can spend in jail more than 21 years – is, in Norwegian law, [...]

Flashmob in Paris from author “Gangnam Style” (6 photos + 2 videos)

South Korean singer, aka PSY, continues to conquer the world. Recently, he has collected 20,000 fans in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, who were willing to perform with him super popular brand of dance music video for the song «Gangnam Style». Was organized by the Paris radio station NRJ, which in a few [...]

Magic show from Victoria’s Secret-2012 (21 photos)

In early November, New York was another show from the legendary Victoria’s Secret. Underwear Victoria’s Secret $ 2.5 million dollars this year demonstrated model Alessandra Ambrosio (Alessandra Ambrosio), which in May became a mother for the second time. Enjoy it! Continued post >>