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June 26, 2016

Funny cartoon about a boy-gamer

In a funny cartoon Glued main character is a little boy – a tireless gamer. It day and night playing computer games, and mother of the hero, seeing children playing in the street, trying to get him off the console, PC and handheld consoles and entertain real games … Continued post >>

These funny birds (33 photos)

A selection of wonderful photos with the birds, not to be missed. suggest see a great shot of photographers from around the world Continued post> ,>

Funny dog-mod (14 photos)

Professional food photographer from San Francisco, Sonia S (Sonya Yu) has created a series of funny photos with his French bulldog named Trotter. Happy viewing Continued post >>

Funny animals with their hands (10 photos)

Offered here are 10 simple patterns and fun toys: a giraffe, elephant, rabbit, sheep, blue and white miracle cubs. Treat yourself and your loved ones a sweet hack, made with his own hands Continued post >>

Funny comics in Russian (10 comics)

Smile Continued post >>

Funny clothes hangers (10 photos)

U.S. chain store Urban Outfitters pleased hangers for clothing that is sure to lift your spirits Each hanger is made of heavy cardboard, has quite a classic shape and decorated with attractive face animal. Their creative design, for sure, will provoke a smile every time you open the closet. Just look at the cat or [...]

These funny animals (30 pics)

A small selection of pictures of animals. They are cute, funny and touching. Happy viewing Continued post >>

Funny dog ??from Barbara O’Brien (19 photos)

Photographer Barbara O’Brien (Barbara O’Brien) lives in Minneapolis. She collaborates with advertising agencies, magazines and book publishing, providing pictures of domestic animals and the rural way of life. In a series of pictures with the dogs, the photographer was trying to bring the individual character of each breed. Dog lovers – swooped Extension office >>

Funny world of little people (video)

Author Video – Aussie Keith Loutit. Happy viewing Extension office >>

Funny door viewers

Funny door viewers

Design Studio Studio Excite has developed a fun collection of stickers for door eyes “Pimp Your Door”. It consists of 7 fun pictures, which you and I suggest taking a look.