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June 25, 2016

How the Trends in Fashion Lingerie Changed throughout One Hundred Years (Pics)


What once most of the people considered taboo, today can be seen in everyday media. But how the fashion lingerie changed during the period of one hundred years? Different panties length, corsets and camisoles, halters and without – fashion underwear changed regularly. It’s certain that one thing remained the same throughout all these years, women will [...]

Girls from Michelle Holden (15 photos)

Work of Australian photographer Michael Holden (Michelle Holden). Michelle carefully studied the world of design, glamor and is currently very popular photographer. Holden won many international titles in various competitions. Its commercial clients include Covergirl, Speedo, Playtex, Berlei, Laura Ashley, Target, Neutrogena, Ray-Ban, Nordstrom. Happy viewing Continued post >>

The world of girls from Helen Huang (49 pictures)

Helen Huang (Helen Huang) artist, designer and animator. He lives in America, has Chinese roots, which is reflected in her art works. Many ideas come at night, Helen and she embodies them in life. Happy viewing Extension office >>

Portraits of the girls by Felicia Simon (26 photos)

Simon Felice (Felicia Simion) is only 17 years old. She lives in Romania. Enjoys photography has been 5 years. Photography – is her real passion is the same as love and life itself. Most prefer portrait shooting. Her dream is to get the team National Geographic. Happy viewing Extension office >>

Illustrations Serge Biraulta

Illustrations Serge Biraulta

Serge Birault artist from France. His main area of work – digital painting. It creates a vivid illustration, book covers and portraits. He is perfectly able to create images in his drawings of beautiful and sexy girls.

Incredible Pin Up Girls Tattoos

Incredible Pin Up Girls Tattoos

A lot of people nowadays are very much attracted to the fashion in the past and they are likely to be interested in pin up hairstyles and the 50?s pin-up girls. As such, no one will be able to deny the fact that that for the time that those girls have lived in and advertised [...]

Interesting facts about girls

Interesting facts about girls

Observation: Guys never notice differences in their friend’s appearance unless the difference is too obvious (like a very poor haircut that leaves the scalp like a partially mowed lawn). But with girls, it’s not the case… Try walking to your friend who is a girl (the phrase girl friend avoided for obvious reasons) with a [...]