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June 27, 2016

Illustrations Tang Yau Hoong

Illustrations Tang Yau Hoong

Propose to look at our selection of new works of Malaysian illustrator Tang Yau Hoong, which are based on the statements of famous people. Take a look!                    

Romance by John Whitcomb (22 illustrations)

John Whitcomb (John Whitcomb) was born in 1906 in Weatherford, Oklahoma, grew up in Manitouoke, Wisconsin. He graduated from Ohio State University. After graduation, John worked on advertising illustrations and theater posters. In 1934 he moved to New York and worked at Cooper Studio. Whitcomb first showed interleaving technique oils and gouaches. In his illustrations [...]

Illustrations, instead of wallpaper at “Ace” (8 photos)

In New York, at the “Ace” designer Timothy Goodman (Timothy Goodman) painted on the white walls of the room in honor of the illustrations of New York. Goodman tried to convey the essence of New York City in 99 subjects. Look! Continued post >>

The illustrations in the style of anime (47 pictures)

Propose to look good and bright drawings by illustrator in the U.S. – cartoongirl7. Let this collection will raise your spirits! Get inspired Continued post >>

Illustrations to fairy tales (19 pics)

Back in tridevyatom kingdom … No, bedtime stories, I will not tell you, but to show an interesting collection of illustrations. Read you stories with pictures? Continued post >>

Illustrations Lyudmila Zhadov (10 pictures)

Lyudmila Zhadova aspiring artist from Arzamas. The Internet is known by the nickname LZH. Boldly experimenting with different materials and techniques. The main theme of creativity Ludmila – people, men and women, their gestures, attitudes and feelings. Lyudmila work out very bright, positive and emotional. Get inspired! Continued post >>

Vibrant illustrations by Anna Kulakowski (13 pictures)

I want to share with you the work of an illustrator and artist – Anna Kulakowski. The girl lives and works in Kiev. Her illustrations are obtained bright, witty and original. Happy viewing Continued post >>

Colorful world of Irina Avgustinovich (33 illustrations)

Artist Irina Avgustinovich live and work in Belarus. It is engaged in illustration for children’s books and classic paintings. Her work is incredibly positive and give joy not only for children but also for adults. I hope they do, and you raise your spirits and make you smile Continued post >>

Illustrations by Michael Whelan (19 pictures)

Michael Whelan – a famous American artist in the genre of science fiction, specializing in illustrations of fantastic books. Michael was born June 29, 1950 in California. He graduated from the Art College in Denver and the University of San Jose. Michael received the award “Hugo” sixteen times, setting a record. In 1992 he was [...]

Illustrations Kaya Koopman (7 pictures)

Caia Koopman (Caia Koopman) artist from California. For several years, her paintings have been used in the design of snowboards and skateboards such well-known companies such as K2, Morrow, and Hyperlite. She currently works as a freelance illustrator and painter in Oceanside, California. Happy viewing Extension office >>