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June 25, 2016

Romantic Valentines Day Date Ideas

Romantic Valentines Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is approaching and you still don’t know where to take you sweetheart on a date? You want to show your lover that you’re romantic, but at the same time funny and interesting person? You want to show your uniqueness and you want your lover to feel special on the day that celebrates love? [...]

Valentines Ideas – Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentines Ideas – Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is almost here and you don’t know what to buy to your loved one? If you ran out of gift ideas for your girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, continue reading, and you´ll definitely find a perfect present for your valentine! Gift Ideas for Your Wife or Girlfriend The best way to show [...]

The reverse side of a mother’s love (20 photos)

Photographer Anna Radchenko lives and works in Moscow. She has created a series of photographs of the creative reverse side of love. Study and do not make the same mistakes with their children. Continued post> >

Love difficulties Cupid (video)

Developed this animated short labored a group of French students at the “Ecole Superieure des Metiers Artistiques de Montpellier. In the video music by Damien Deshayya (Damien Deshayes). Happy viewing Continued post >>

Sad love story (13 photos)

French photographer Julien mov (Julien Mauve) created a series of photographs “Hopeless Romantic” (Hopeless Romantic) on the true story of love. Man and girl find each other, and the story unfolds from the first meeting to the last moment of their love. Look! Continued post >>

Cookies + declaration of love (6 photos)

If you want to please your second half and once again a declaration of love, then you will cookie-recognition, which you can do yourself Look! Continuation of the post >>

Cartoon about love and reincarnation

Cartoon “The Ancestor”, filmed for a group Darlingside, team Crazy Lake Pictures. Happy viewing Continued post >>

How to make a girl fall in love with you

girl fall in love

Love should indeed be a difficult business and very hard to create a girl love you. Love is a lot more intense and involves deep feelings and emotions. Girls normally usually are highly demanding when it comes to the matter of love. Girls will always be looking for that perfect person who want her and [...]

How to live happily in life

How to live happily in life

HOW TO LIVE HAPPILY is the small article to tell everybody or give some steps to learn to be have fun, happiness in everyone’s life…the person should be very happy and easy when everyone except this – Live life for all is worth because as sad as it is you are not promise tomorrow today.. [...]