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June 27, 2016

The mesmerizing nature of Eric Gonsalves (32 photos)

Photographer Eric Gonsalves (Eric Goncalves) lives and works in Gloucestershire, England. Therefore, in most shots is this country. Thus, it shows us that you do not go somewhere for good pictures. Favorite vrememya shooting Eric – morning. He believes that at this time, nature is particularly mystical. Happy viewing Continued post >>

The nature of the autumnal equinox (infographics)

Continued post >>

One with nature (24 photos)

Advertising photographer and illustrator Lyubodrag Andric (Andric Ljubodrag) was born in Yugoslavia. He was 44 years old. Photos studied independently. First fee as a photographer was at 21. He currently lives and works in Canada. I suggest to see it a remarkable series of “People & Space”. Get inspired! Continued post >>

This stunning nature: Indian summer (20 photos)

Falling leaves, leaf fall, Yellow leaves fly. Yellow maple, yellow beech, yellow circle in the sky, the sun. Yellow yard, yellow house. Whole earth yellow circle . yellow, yellow, Then Fall – not spring. B. Nirovich Continued post> >

Beautiful photos of nature (21 photos)

Take a look wonderful work of the photographer under the name Irene Mei, which conceals a charming girl from Kharkov. It photographs very colorful and vivid moments of life. Catch a good mood Continued post >>

Incredible patterns of nature (18 photos)

Enjoy it! Continued post >>

A selection of the best photos from National Geographic

Best photos from National Geographic


Water Droplets On Flower Petals

Water Droplets On Flower Petals

  Lively flowers, brilliant colors, beaming rain drops and green leaves all are waiting to enchant you just without the motives.                                                

Oneness with nature by Carlos Gotay

Oneness with nature by Carlos Gotay

Stunning images of nature from a talented photographer Carlos Gotay from Puerto Rico. The grandeur and beauty of the world strikes, regardless of whether it is color photo or black and white. Many fall in love with his work at first sight.