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June 27, 2016

Painting in a digital format (28 photos)

Artem Cheboha, known online as Rhads, uses digital technology to create drawings, incredibly similar to the usual tableaux. Using several unique techniques, Artem can draw digital art, which is very similar to the classical art. Get inspired! Continued post >>

Types of brushes designed for painting

For more details about each brush inside the post Learn! Continued post >>

Painting without a brush (video)

Amy Shackleton (Amy Shackleton) lives in New York. As you can guess from the name, do not use a brush to create his paintings. It just pours the paint onto the canvas, spins him, asking the paint in the right direction. Look! Extension office >>

Lightness and Weightlessness in the Works of Oleg Chubakova

Works of Oleg Chubakov

I want to tell you about the artist Oleg Chubakove (Oleg Tchoubakov). He was born in 1969 in Minsk. From 1981 to 1985 he studied at the Minsk Art School. From 1990 to 1995, he graduated from the Belorussian Academy of Arts, Faculty of easel. Since 1995 he regularly participates in international exhibitions. In my [...]

How To Choose Landscape Oil Paintings That Will Look Good For Your Living Room

How To Choose Landscape Oil Paintings That Will Look Good For Your Living Room

Fine art is one thing that a lot of people admire, but they may not recognize the finest ways to go about acquiring it until they have done a little bit of looking around. No matter what kind of art you like, you should know that you could get great deals if you look to [...]

Mosaics Fine Art Painting – The Little Painted Stones


Fine Art Gallery are for sure the right place to find your desired artwork. These have a wide variety of artwork like oil paintings, abstract paintings, landscape paintings and even original fine art. You might have bought numerous types of paintings for your home. But have you ever given a thought to Mosaic Painting? MOSAIC  [...]