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June 30, 2016

Watercolor splashes of Mark Allante

Watercolor splashes of Mark Allante

French artist Marc Allante prefers to paint in watercolor. Mark – self-taught artist, he never received special education. But most importantly, he is truly in love with painting with a unique and original style. But more importantly, his paintings are popular with people.

Expressive paintings by Micko-Vic (24 pictures)

The Maltese artist, hiding under the nickname Micko-Vic, is known very little. Perhaps the author specifically gives his personality a certain aura of mystery. But his acrylic paintings really draws its expressive and impressive. First, the artist makes a pencil sketch and a brush, and then adds acrylic and gel, finishing painting palette knife. Critics [...]

Famous people from the picture without Bence Hyde (12 paintings)

Hungarian Art University student Bence Hajdu (Bence Hajdu) invented alter several famous paintings, leaving all the pictures, but the people. Look! You as you wish? Continued post >>

Bright paintings Wu Tsung Diène (8 photos)

Vietnamese artist Vu Cong Dien (Vu Cong Dien) has become famous for its well-drawn pictures. For several years, landscape painting Diène sold to galleries worldwide. Dien, mainly uses a monochrome color scheme for writing the nature and trees, which are its main theme. Get inspired! Continued post >>

Realistic paintings of Mark Crilly Shredsa (video)

This is amazing! Always admire people who are able to create such drawings Continued post >>

Women’s image in the paintings of Richard S. Johnson (16 pictures)

Richard S. Johnson (Richard S. Johnson) – a contemporary American artist. He was born in Chicago in an artistic family. He graduated from the American Academy of Arts. After winning the contest of the International Journal of the artists, Richard was invited to work in Japan. On his return to America, has won many awards [...]

Mystery by Aron Wiesenfeld

Mystery by Aron Wiesenfeld

Aron Wiesenfeld was born in 1972 in Washington. He graduated from the California Art Center College of Design. Paints a rather mystical paintings and drawings, where the protagonists are lonely children and adolescents.

What is Mural Paintings?

What is Mural Paintings?

Mural Painting (Latin murus,”wall”), is decoration of walls or ceilings for aesthetic or didactic purposes, executed in any of several techniques. Most often used to decorate public buildings, mural paintings tend to be of large scale and to portray religious, historic, or patriotic themes significant to the public. Closely allied to architectural and decorative schemes, [...]