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June 26, 2016

How to move the image on the paper using the film (photo 8)

Everything is much easier than you think you podnadobyatsya: – construction paper or cardboard – beautiful napkin – Iron – scissors – film (food, stretch or thin transparent polyethylene) Fotoinstruktsiya in continuing post Continued post >>

Seascapes of the small pieces of paper (10 pictures)

Illustrator Kristi Elson (Kirsty Elson) lives and works in the UK. Christie creates beautiful seascapes in the technique of collage of many tiny pieces as it gets, tearing pages of magazines. It turns out very nice and beautiful! Continued post >>

Ads from the paper (video)

Happy viewing Continued post >>

Creative Paper (10 photos)

Designer David A. Reeves (David A. Reeves) has created this unusual miniature set design with a series of pictures made on the basis of cut paper silhouettes. Look Continued post >>

Creative Paper (24 photos)

These wonderful pieces of paper cut from Ukrainian artists Dmitry and Julia. Get inspired! Continued post >>

The magic of paper from Sarah Dennis (24 photos)

British artist Sarah Dennis (Sarah Dennis) lives and works as a freelance illustrator in Bristol. Four years ago, she received a bachelor’s degree at the University of West England. Sarah creates a very detailed colorful collages of paper, using a variety of modern techniques. Author’s own dreams to hold an exhibition. Illustrations Sarah quite in [...]

Paper Sculpture by Sher Christopher (21 photos)

Christopher Sher (Sher Christopher) lives and works in a small British town of Bournemouth. Initially, she worked as a furniture designer. But, soon, I realized that it was not her calling, and chose to make crafts out of papier-mache. Cher loves to travel, and literally in love with Paris. The inspiration derives from the art [...]

The Adventures of paper tabs (video)

Happy viewing Extension office >>

Stories from a paper by Helen Masselvayt (21 photos)

Masselvayt Helen (Helen Musselwhite) creates a variety of stories and simple cards made of paper and cardboard. She works in her studio, located in the UK. Each creation combines ethnic and folkloric motifs, strong graphic lines, rich colors and the play of the layers. Be inspired Extension office >>

Paper creative Peter Callesena

Paper creative Peter Callesena

Danish designer Peter Callesen uses in his work exclusively paper. From this he creates magnificent works of sculpture. Size used by the sheet varies from small, A4, up to huge. Peter Callesen born in Denmark in 1967 and studied at Goldsmiths College in London. Currently, Peter is engaged in its many exhibits.