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June 28, 2016

Best celebrity photo shoot

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Creative photo of the cat (17 photos)

Live in China posted on his blog a creative series of photos of your cat as a character of Japanese anime series. Such an unusual way the blog owner decided to congratulate his birthday his beloved cat named Guagua Continued post >>

Photo Tour the world from Ed McGowan (51 photos)

American Ed McGowan (Ed McGowan) loves to travel, and to pass on their best impressions of the places you visit, it uses different equipment and shooting techniques. Ed is not a professional photographer. In his works, every time he tries to show something new. Get inspired Continued post >>

Adele Enersen – author of interesting photo projects with their children (5 photos)

The Internet Adel is known for its unusual hobby. She took off her little daughter Mila while she was sleeping, trying to guess and recreate that same dream about her little baby. Continued post >>

Photo report from the Norwegian prisons from Googie Fassino (14 photos)

Italian photographer Googie Fassino (Gughi Fassino) spent three days in a Norwegian prison Halden. It is considered the most humane and luxurious prison in the world. Prison Built in 2010. There are people who have committed serious crimes, but none of them can spend in jail more than 21 years – is, in Norwegian law, [...]

Photo Project Tim Flake (24 photos)

More than a man (More Than Human) – a series of photos from the book of the photographer Tim Flake (Tim Flach). Photographer uses studio lighting and decor to catch those moments when the animals in their posture or look the most like a man. Also, you can see other works by this author Continued [...]

How to move the image on the paper using the film (photo 8)

Everything is much easier than you think you podnadobyatsya: – construction paper or cardboard – beautiful napkin – Iron – scissors – film (food, stretch or thin transparent polyethylene) Fotoinstruktsiya in continuing post Continued post >>

Unusual Photo Project Jean Berard (6 photos)

Mexican photographer Jean Berard (Jean Bérard) lives in Mexico City and specializes in commercial photography, as well as pictures of food and liquids. Series of photographs called “liquid glass” (Liquid Glass). Each shot clearly demonstrates the unpredictability of water. The author emphasizes that all photos are made only series using classical techniques of photography, no [...]

Photo Tour with Julien Move (27 photos)

Move photographer Julien (Julien Mauve) lives and works in Paris. He was 28 years old. He created the original cutting of the images that have been made in various parts of our vast planet. Happy viewing Continued post >>

Beautiful photo manipulation (43 photos)

Andrik Lyubodrag (Andric Ljubodrag) – advertising photographer and illustrator. He currently lives and works in Canada. It creates a great photo manipulation, which I suggest you take a look Continued post> ,>