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June 29, 2016

Gorgeous flowers Paul Lange

Gorgeous flowers Paul Lange

Paul Lange (Paul Lange), well-known former fashion photographer, eventually completely switch to art photography. Paul moved from the noisy city to concentrate on non-commercial photography. His work is regularly published in the most prominent publications in North America and around the world. Until the spring left quite a bit! Enjoy it!         [...]

Photography by Simone Held (10 photos)

Simone Held (Simone Held) – photo artist from Germany. It creates a fabulous and atmospheric pictures using a camera, photoshop and imagination. Happy viewing Continued post >>

Photography by Rosie Hardy (31 photos)

Rosie Hardy (Rosie Hardy) – a photographer from Manchester, UK. Woman photographing weddings, portraits, offers online workshops on photography and retouching. She also engaged avtoportretirovaniem. These works I suggest you now look Continued post >>

Advertising Photography by Maurice Hess (16 photos)

Hessen Maurice (Maurice Hessen) – advertising photographer who lives in Amsterdam. Winner of many prestigious awards. His portfolio includes work for Nike, Vodafone, Canon, McDonalds, Heineken, Volvo, Sony, Citroen … Happy viewing Continued post >>

Advertising Photography by Steven Meisel (28 photos)

Pictures advertising photographer Steven Meisel (Steven Meisel) differ remarkable quality photos, excellent selection of models and execution. Stephen was born in 1954 in New York. After high school, Steven Meisel went to Parsons School of Design, where he received a career illustrator. He later returned there as a teacher. Happy viewing Continued post >>

The winners of The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2012 (17 photos)

Competition The British Wildlife Photography Awards was created to show the beauty, richness and diversity of British wildlife, as well as to recognize the talents of photographers who work in this country. Motive for organizing the competition was to realize the value of wildlife and the need to protect it. The competition has been held [...]

Photography by Robin Alfiana (27 photos)

Robin Alfian (Robin Alfian) – a professional photographer who loves working with people. It creates a very sensual, aerial imagery, and shows us how a person can be multifaceted. Happy viewing Continued post >>

Advertising Photography Pete Barrett (27 photos)

Pete Barrett (Pete Barrett) advertising and commercial photographer based in Miami. Pete loves to travel and take pictures of people and their daily lives. His clients include: Ford Motor Company, United Airlines, Kodak, Heineken, Miller, Coors Light, Corona, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, New Balance, Pfizer, Shimano, Westin Hotels, Hilton Resorts and many others. Happy viewing [...]

Photography by Sarah Louise Johnson (16 photos)

Sarah Louise Johnson (Sarah Louise Johnson) lives and works in London. It begins with a fashion photographer. Removes light and feminine image. Inspired by the work of Tim Walker (Tim Walker) and David Lachapelle (David LaChapelle). Happy viewing Extension office >>

Stunning horse from Andrew MacGibbon

Stunning horse

Commercial photographer Andrew McGibbon was born in Johannesburg. He currently lives in Durban. I propose today to see a series of his works, “Wild Horses.” In my opinion, turned out pretty cool! Or am I just really love horses.                                 [...]