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June 29, 2016

Holiday Time! Where to Travel for a Summer Vacation (Pics)

Montenegro 1

If you’re planning a trip for your summer holidays, you should equip yourself with all the necessary info on a place you’re planning to visit. Before you book your flight and a hotel room, you should know all about the country you’re going to. , to help you with your choice. Hope you’ll enjoy reading [...]

How the Trends in Fashion Lingerie Changed throughout One Hundred Years (Pics)


What once most of the people considered taboo, today can be seen in everyday media. But how the fashion lingerie changed during the period of one hundred years? Different panties length, corsets and camisoles, halters and without – fashion underwear changed regularly. It’s certain that one thing remained the same throughout all these years, women will [...]

Find the animal in the photo

Find the animal in the photo

Famous American wildlife photographer Art Wolfe, who is now 61 years old, for 35 years, traveling through the mountains, forests and deserts in search of amazing shots. He is recipient of numerous professional awards, author of over 65 books and manuals, the founder of the publishing house Wildlands Press. Like no one else he can [...]

Expressive paintings by Micko-Vic (24 pictures)

The Maltese artist, hiding under the nickname Micko-Vic, is known very little. Perhaps the author specifically gives his personality a certain aura of mystery. But his acrylic paintings really draws its expressive and impressive. First, the artist makes a pencil sketch and a brush, and then adds acrylic and gel, finishing painting palette knife. Critics [...]

Evolution of famous actors and actresses (11 pictures)

American illustrator Jeff Victor drew a lovely series of pictures under the title “Evolution.” The illustrations show how to have changed over time actors and actresses. Look! Continued post >>

Emily Soto wonderful pictures (15 photos)

Professional photographer Emily Soto (Emily Soto) owns technicians fashion photography and portraiture. His passion for photography, art, and she loves to combine fashion and invest in each of its remarkable picture. Happy viewing Continued post >>

Pictures of breakfast cereal from Ernie Button (11 photos)

Artist Ernie Button (Ernie Button) Arizona creates unusual views of breakfast cereals. All he needed to work, it’s a few packages of cereal, a camera, and a little bit of props to create the appropriate atmosphere. Everything else – this sleight of hand, imagination, and a bit of computer graphics. Happy viewing Continued post> ,>

Sad picture of David Graham Baker (15 pictures)

David Graeme Baker (David Graeme Baker) was born in South Africa, in 1968. He graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. At the moment, lives in Hancock with his wife and two children. Writes quite sad, melancholic and quiet pictures. Look! Continued post >>

14 pictures Alexis Baidakova (14 photos)

Illustrator Alex Baidakov born and raised in Severodvinsk. He currently lives and works in Moscow. Believes that in the character of the most important – it is the nature. Get inspired! Continued post >>

Artist James Lee (12 pictures)

Korean-American artist James Lee (James Lee) was born and raised in South Korea, six years studying at the University of Seoul. In 1981 the artist moved to California, where the main theme of his work are coastal landscapes. In 1994, J. Lee moved to Glendale, Arizona. Lee owns several art galleries, each of which is [...]