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June 29, 2016

Portraits from Simon Hennessey

Portraits from Simon Hennessey

The artist Simon Hennessey lives and works in Birmingham (England). Basically, giperrealistichnye draws portraits of people. Often depicts people with glasses, in the reflections of which you can see the famous sights.

Portraits Photographer Tvig Capra (29 photos)

Portraits of American photographer Tvig Capra (Twig Capra). Girl enjoys mostly self-portraits. Post photos on Flickr, which has many fans of her work. Happy viewing Continued post >>

Portraits of wild animals from Brad Wilson (17 photos)

Photographer Brad Wilson (Brad Wilson) creates a remarkable and inspiring portraits of wildlife. Enjoy Continued post >>

Realistic portraits in pencil (20 works)

Polish illustrator Lyukasevich Krzysztof (Krzysztof Lukasiewicz), known online as krzysztof20d, paints incredibly realistic portraits in pencil. The collection is, as Krzysztof portraits of celebrities and ordinary people. Enjoy Continued post >>

Portraits Sebastien Vincent (12 photos)

Photographer Sebastien Vincent (Sebastien Vincent) lives and works in Paris. Suggest taking a look at his work Continued post >>

Portraits Stephen Vanfleterena (18 photos)

43-year-old Stephen Vanfleteren (Stephan Vanfleteren) works in the genres of portraiture and documentary photography. It is often in the hot spots of the world. Removes only in b / w. Happy viewing Continued post >>

Portraits of dogs from Jessica Trinh (15 photos)

It is believed that the most complicated model – children and animals. But looking at the portfolio of 17-year-old photographer Jessica Trinh (Jessica Trinh), who is only 17 years old, in this start to doubt. Jessica is a collection of photos of her two dogs – golden retriever and Australian Shepherd Chappy Daisy. Just look [...]

Watercolor portraits of Marion Bolonesi (27 pictures)

Bolonesi Marion (Marion Bolognesi) – designer and artist. She lives and works in New York. Her great passion – watercolor. It creates a very colorful, expressive and unusual portraits. Enjoy Continued post >>

Portraits of the girls by Felicia Simon (26 photos)

Simon Felice (Felicia Simion) is only 17 years old. She lives in Romania. Enjoys photography has been 5 years. Photography – is her real passion is the same as love and life itself. Most prefer portrait shooting. Her dream is to get the team National Geographic. Happy viewing Extension office >>

Illustrations Serge Biraulta

Illustrations Serge Biraulta

Serge Birault artist from France. His main area of work – digital painting. It creates a vivid illustration, book covers and portraits. He is perfectly able to create images in his drawings of beautiful and sexy girls.