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June 28, 2016

Unusual stained cardboard

Unusual stained cardboard

Artist Eric Standley with a laser cut out of cardboard the stunning stained glass windows. Enjoy it!                    

Stunning ceilings in churches in New York (9 photos)

American photographer Richard Silver is able to see the unusual in the banal, choose interesting angle and engage the viewer spoiled. This time he decided to look into the New York church and depicts the interiors of churches in the vertical format panorama, created from 6.10 photographs. Happy viewing Continued post >> ;

Stunning gardens Maui (33 photos)

Maui is the second largest and a very beautiful island in the Hawaiian archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. High mountains, deep green canyons, swift waterfalls, amazing black and white beaches, jungles full of life! Magnificent gardens with more than 500 species of plants. Enjoy Continued post >>

This stunning nature: Indian summer (20 photos)

Falling leaves, leaf fall, Yellow leaves fly. Yellow maple, yellow beech, yellow circle in the sky, the sun. Yellow yard, yellow house. Whole earth yellow circle . yellow, yellow, Then Fall – not spring. B. Nirovich Continued post> >

Stunning landscape photos (31 photos)

Just incredible beauty creates a landscape photographer Zhapo apolipoprotein (Apo Japo). Not only does it, he is inspired by the beauty of nature, but also to seek the inspiration to share with us, in photos. Enjoy it! Continued post >>

Stunning photographs of architecture from Erhan Sasmaza (27 photos)

Turkish photographer Erhan Sasmaz (Erhan Sasmaz) lives and works in Istanbul. He’s just in love with Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque and Ottoman architecture Be inspired Continued post >>

Oneness with nature by Carlos Gotay

Oneness with nature by Carlos Gotay

Stunning images of nature from a talented photographer Carlos Gotay from Puerto Rico. The grandeur and beauty of the world strikes, regardless of whether it is color photo or black and white. Many fall in love with his work at first sight.

Stunning creations with PC Chips

Stunning creatons with PC Chips