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June 25, 2016

Unusual porcelain figurines

Unusual porcelain figurines

Of Ukrainian artists Ani Stasenko and Slava Leontief, who live and work in the city of Kharkiv. Size statues of four to forty centimeters. Sources of inspiration for them – it’s what they see, hear and read.                              

10 unusual ways of how to use the sugar (10 photos)

Sugar can also be used off-label. And it can even be helpful Have meet with 10 unusual ways how to use sugar Continued post >>

The unusual idea of ??a Christmas tree (video)

In our time, deforestation has reached catastrophic proportions just so one Australian family decided to create a clean and reusable Christmas tree, which will serve for many years. The tree consists of a 26-year “branches”, made of pine, its height – 85 cm Be inspired! Continued post >>

Unusual Photo Project Jean Berard (6 photos)

Mexican photographer Jean Berard (Jean Bérard) lives in Mexico City and specializes in commercial photography, as well as pictures of food and liquids. Series of photographs called “liquid glass” (Liquid Glass). Each shot clearly demonstrates the unpredictability of water. The author emphasizes that all photos are made only series using classical techniques of photography, no [...]

Unusual planet from Katherine Nelson (13 photos)

Australian artist and photographer Katherine Nelson (Catherine Nelson) creates amazing pictures of unusual planets, combining many pictures into one. Happy viewing Continued post >>

Unusual Library of Scotland (17 photos)

A new library at the University Aberdeen, Queen opened Elisavet II. She designed and built studio Schmidt Hammer Lassen. The building, located in Scotland. Library archives hold about 250,000 books and manuscripts. Look! Continued post >>

How to make an ordinary box – unusual :) (6 photos)

All incredibly simple! Need a paint brush and a little free time Continued post >>

“You’re in good hands” or unusual advertising campaign (9 photos)

Photographer Ray Massey (Ray Massey) and artist Relli Annie (Annie Ralli) created advertising project for an insurance company “Ecclesiastical Insurance”. The slogan of the campaign served as the phrase “You’re in good hands”, which means “You are in good hands”. Unlike Ray Massey, who has repeatedly engaged in advertising photography for artist Annie Relli – [...]

Unusual pattern of sand (17 works)

Ako Tsubaki called beautiful artist with a lively and vivid imagination, which is understandable, we need only to look at her pictures. Ako creates pictures of colored sand. It lubricates the canvas with glue and sprinkle it with sand as tells a fantasy. Therefore, often, her paintings – a complete improvisation. Happy viewing Continued post [...]

Unusual guitar-shaped pool (6 photos)

Canadian company Aqua-Tech has created this unusual shape pool with a guitar. The customer was a big fan of the electric guitar Les Paul Continued post >>