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June 27, 2016

Creative video about the music

Happy viewing Continued post >>

Difficult choice (video)

OutOfTheBox team and three-PRO launched for “big men” on YouTube a short interactive project in which the viewer is invited to choose who to help. Who do you choose? Continuation of the post >>

Cheetah in motion (video)

Summer of 2012, the 11-year-old female cheetah Sarah Zoological and Botanic Gardens of Cincinnati (USA) broke his own speed record, set in 2009, Sarah ran a hundred meters at a speed of 98 km / h in 5.95 seconds. Employees of National Geographic magazine by using the latest equipment, for three days shooting Sarah and [...]

Matterhorn (video)

Matterhorn – a picturesque mountain in the Alps. Located on the border between Switzerland and Italy. Its height is 4478 meters. Enjoy watching this beautiful video Continued post >>

Slightly positive :) (video)

elLf houSE wishes you a wonderful day! Smile! Continuation post >>

Beautiful video with South America

Enjoy Continued post >>

Christmas ads from Cartier (video)

Despite the fact that 2013 – the year of the snake, jewelry brand Cartier is traditionally made tiger protagonist holiday advertising campaign called “Winter Tales”. Enjoy Continued post >>

Black and white fashion (video)

Video created by the release of a new collection SS13 fashion designer Emilio De La Morena. Movie director Abbie Stephens interesting beats theme of the collection. He uses light and shadow to highlight the black and white theme in dress. Abbie Stephens reverses the usual ideas, mixes fantasy and reality. Look! Continued post >>

Summary of the movie “Back to the Future” (video)

This funny animation has been created specifically for one of the competitions. It’s funny to see how the authors got hold 116 minutes of the cult film “Back to the Future” in a short sixty seconds Continued post> ,>

Of the good (video)

Do good, and it’ll come to you All pleasant Monday! Continued post >>