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June 26, 2016

Black and white fashion (video)

Video created by the release of a new collection SS13 fashion designer Emilio De La Morena. Movie director Abbie Stephens interesting beats theme of the collection. He uses light and shadow to highlight the black and white theme in dress. Abbie Stephens reverses the usual ideas, mixes fantasy and reality. Look! Continued post >>

Landscapes of Eli White (13 photos)

Eli White (Aly Wight) was born in Scotland and grew up in Edinburgh, Brussels and London. Studied sculpture and photography at two universities. He worked as an assistant to Nadav Kander (Nadav Kander). Shoots landscapes, portraits and stories. Happy viewing Continued post >>

White Bengal tigryatki from the Czech Republic (5 photos)

White Bengal tigers are found in nature is rare. Only one of the 10 000 white Bengal tigers born. White tiger – is not an albino. This is a particular genetic disorder. The appearance of these tigers – the result of the interaction of rare recessive genes. Over the past century, only about 12 species [...]

Black and white still life of Thomas Hauser (13 photos)

Thomas Hauser (Thomas Hauser) lives and works in Germany. In general, takes a strict black-and-white still life and portraits. Participates in exhibitions around the world. Happy viewing Continued post> ,>

Black and white zoo (20 photos)

Take a look interesting project “Dark Zoo”, a French photographer Nicolas Evariste (Nicolas Evariste). He loves the pictures of landscapes and animals. Happy viewing Continued post >>

Ordinary life through the eyes of American youth Er Jay Shaughnessy

Ordinary life through the eyes of American youth

American photographer, Air Jay Shaughnessy, studied photography at the California Arts Center College of Design in Pasadena. In 2004 he graduated with honors. According to Shaughnessy, to create a quality and memorable picture, it is necessary in the process of becoming invisible. Then everything will most naturally. At this time, the lens of his camera, [...]



We humans are strange specie. Did you ever wonder where did we come from? Some people who are religious believe God made us, while others, who are more on the Darwinist side of the story support his theory of evolution. According to Darwin, we all came into being from a common ancestor like monkeys with [...]

Water Droplets On Flower Petals

Water Droplets On Flower Petals

  Lively flowers, brilliant colors, beaming rain drops and green leaves all are waiting to enchant you just without the motives.