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July 1, 2016

Sculptures made of coins

Sculptures made of coins

American painter-sculptor Robert Wechsler creates coins of complex geometric shapes. In the course are coins of any value. His works are found coins from Canada, Hong Kong, USA.                                    

Sarah works Dzhonkas (16 photos)

Dzhonkas Sarah (Sarah Joncas) – an artist from Toronto. She was born in 1986. She graduated from the Ontario Collage of Art and Design. The main characters of the film are Sarah young girls. Look! Continued post >>

Realistic portraits in pencil (20 works)

Polish illustrator Lyukasevich Krzysztof (Krzysztof Lukasiewicz), known online as krzysztof20d, paints incredibly realistic portraits in pencil. The collection is, as Krzysztof portraits of celebrities and ordinary people. Enjoy Continued post >>

Conceptual works Ksilly Kleneyanszki (19 photos)

Ksilla Kleneyanszki (Csilla Klenyanszki) was born in Hungary. She was 27 years old. Ksilla study photography at the Willem de Kooning Academy. Looking for is to live and work in the Netherlands. In the hectic photos seeks to convey the childlike. Happy viewing Continued post >>

Unusual pattern of sand (17 works)

Ako Tsubaki called beautiful artist with a lively and vivid imagination, which is understandable, we need only to look at her pictures. Ako creates pictures of colored sand. It lubricates the canvas with glue and sprinkle it with sand as tells a fantasy. Therefore, often, her paintings – a complete improvisation. Happy viewing Continued post [...]

Based on the works of Tim Burton (video)

Inspired by the works of Tim Burton – Alexandre Dubosc created this video. We look Extension office >>

Stunning horse from Andrew MacGibbon

Stunning horse

Commercial photographer Andrew McGibbon was born in Johannesburg. He currently lives in Durban. I propose today to see a series of his works, “Wild Horses.” In my opinion, turned out pretty cool! Or am I just really love horses.                                 [...]

Scary Doll Natalie Shau

Scary Doll Natalie Shau

Natalie Shau – a talented illustrator from Lithuania. In his works, it successfully combines photos, graphics processing and three-dimensional modeling. Natalie is a little strange, sometimes frightening, but always impressive creations. It creates images based on their religious motives, fairy-tale characters and literature in the horror genre.

Lightness and Weightlessness in the Works of Oleg Chubakova

Works of Oleg Chubakov

I want to tell you about the artist Oleg Chubakove (Oleg Tchoubakov). He was born in 1969 in Minsk. From 1981 to 1985 he studied at the Minsk Art School. From 1990 to 1995, he graduated from the Belorussian Academy of Arts, Faculty of easel. Since 1995 he regularly participates in international exhibitions. In my [...]

Creative pencils

Creative pencils

Incredible works by the artist from Melbourne who is hiding under the name Ghostpatrol.